Read master tips on finance and mutual funds by investment expert Pulkit Jain. Chartered Account Pulkit has years of work experience in the field of Financial Planning, Budgeting, Project Feasibility and Indirect Taxation at India’s most valuable & admired multi-business corporates.

The tips are as follows:

1) Keep the portfolio simple with 4 to 5 Funds.

2) Don’t touch emergency funds to capture opportunity when equity markets are down

3) Avoid sectoral funds

4) Avoid buying MFs from banks or financial institutions (they generally sell products with higher commissions)

5) Don’t panic when the market is down, infact increase your SIPs during the crisis to gain significantly once market recovers

6) SIP should be continued for at least 10 years to earn at least double the fixed deposit return

7) Review your existing portfolio every 6 months & if required do rebalancing to stay relevant in terms of funds performance versus overall markets

8) If required, consultant a financial advisor

Happy Investing!

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